World Conference 2023

Diversity and Inclusion

We uphold our Enduring Principles of Worth of All Persons and Unity in Diversity.

We Affirm

Unity in Diversity

In Community of Christ, we advocate for inclusion and are called to raise awareness of discriminatory and unjust practices. We acknowledge our journey to becoming a more inclusive faith community. We embrace our diversity as a worldwide family and uphold our common faith in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church.  

Resolution 1226

World Conference Resolution 1226 reminds us that we are called to love every person as a child of God.


Resolution 1326

Community of Christ resolves to combat institutional racism by affirming its commitment to an inclusive church and society.


World Church Team

The Diversity and Inclusion Team is a World Church Team that offers direction and resources to support the church on its journey to becoming more inclusive and just. 


Upcoming Events

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Special Workshops

The Community of Christ Diversity and Inclusion Team is offering online workshops on microaggressions and unconscious bias in coming months. The team invites participants and fellow learners on the path of inclusion as a faith community.


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