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Environmental Justice

We honor our Enduring Principle of Sacredness of Creation and join with God as stewards of care for the Earth and its resources.

We Affirm

Sacredness of Creation

Wise decisions and actions today will ensure the future and well-being of the planet for future generations. In Community of Christ, we seek to find ways to reduce the human footprint on the environment. We are focused on climate change, deforestation, global poverty, food production, water justice, soil degradation, ocean health, clean air, energy production, the production of plastics, and survival of plant and animal species. 

Resolution 1224

World Conference Resolution 1224 reminds us that environmental protection and stewardship are central to Community of Christ.


Resolution 1325

World Conference Resolution 1325 calls Community of Christ to join with others in declaring a climate emergency.


Climate Emergency Statement

Community of Christ shares the following information regarding actions at International Headquarters that support World Conference Resolution 1325.


World Church Team

The Earth Stewardship Team is a World Church Team that focuses on issues of environmental stewardship and development and guide, educate, and engage us in the ongoing stewardship of Earth’s resources. 


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