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Diversity and Inclusion Team

This World Church Team supports Community of Christ on its journey to becoming more inclusive and just.

The Diversity and Inclusion Team upholds the worth of persons and supports sharing the peace of Jesus Christ. It provides an underpinning to the church’s foundation by upholding inclusive beliefs and behaviors in relation to human interactions. Its focus is upon education, advocacy, inclusion, and organizational change in support of justice and covenant with one another and God. 

Mission Alignment 

The Enduring Principles of Worth of All Persons, Unity in Diversity, All Are Called, and Blessings of Community emphasize the Diversity and Inclusion Team’s focus on inclusiveness. The Mission Initiative Pursue Peace on Earth requires the team to identify the kinship they each share with all persons who make up the human family. A primary focus of the Diversity and Inclusion Team is to assist the church in clarifying how we perceive those who are different and embrace attitudes that lead to actions of advocacy and peacemaking endeavors in our congregations and communities. The Diversity and Inclusion Team will focus on honoring the worth of person and their diversity and on what unites rather than divides us across the international church. 

Team Priorities 2019-2023 

The Diversity and Inclusion Team offers direction and resources to support the church on its journey to becoming more inclusive and just. It provides education and sensitizing resources to members at all levels (congregation to worldwide). With emphasis on ministry and priesthood, the team works in the following areas: 


  • Review current church educational materials and provide feedback for developing inclusivity in these resources 
  • Create educational resources that will help local congregations develop inclusivity 


  • Provide relevant resources to congregations that answer questions and concerns about diversity and inclusivity. 
  • Strengthen advocacy competence within congregations that are seeking to confront discrimination 
  • Increase awareness within the wider church of the needs and concerns of diverse populations and help identify ways to better address these issues 


  • Create and support dissemination of information about diversity and inclusion among church members 

IHQ Relationships 

  • Uphold and advocate for diversity and inclusion through team participation on several IHQ committees and provide services to IHQ functional areas as requested 

Team Members 

Cathi Cackler-Veazey, co-chair 
Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue, co-chair 
Carol Caplinger 
Nanette Chun-Ming Ward 
Jerry Dale, Jr. 
Heather Frey 
Tresha Hatter 
Vincent Lewis 
Ruth Richardson 
Poul K. Wilson 

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