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Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries

Community of Christ has a long history of involvement in interdenominational, interfaith, and other carefully selected mission-oriented groups.

Blessings of Community

Community of Christ holds memberships in organizations, including the National (USA) Council of Churches of Christ (NCC), Church World Services (CWS), and Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC). We have recently partnered with groups such as Ecumenical Stewardship Center, Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) (USA), Bread for the World, Church World Service (USA), Parliament of World Religions (PoWR), among others.   

Resolution 1275

World Conference Resolution 1275 reminds us that we called to work cooperatively with other faith groups and organizations to pursue Christ’s mission.


Our Stories

Learn how the church is pursuing Christ's mission in neighborhoods, villages, and communities around the world. Christ's mission, our mission.

'Peace of Jesus'

By Jane M. GardnerPresiding evangelist Peace is not a glass of lemonade, a hammock, palm trees, and soft ocean...

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Ecumenical and Interfaith Team

The Ecumenical and Interfaith Team is a World Church Team that provides a link between Community of Christ and interdenominational, interfaith, and other groups.  


Upcoming Events

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Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Community of Christ is a sponsor of Ecumenical Advocacy Days in the USA.


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