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Peace and Justice

We honor our Enduring Principles to uphold the Worth of All Persons, make Responsible Choices, and honor the Sacredness of Creation.

We Affirm

Pursuit of Peace

Because God yearns for peace and justice for all creation, we honor our Enduring Principles to uphold the Worth of All Persons, make Responsible Choices, and honor the Sacredness of Creation. Led by the Holy Spirit, we work with others to restore Christ’s peace in the world and challenge unjust systems that diminish human worth.  

Resolution 1177

World Conference Resolution 1177 reminds us that we are called to promote peace around the world.


Resolution 1267

World Conference Resolution 1267 reminds us that we are called to take steps toward living and being communities of Christ’s peace.


Resolution 1270

World Conference Resolution 1270 urges that firearms be used for sporting and professional purposes only.

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Resolution 1303

World Conference Resolution 1303 reminds us that nuclear weapons are a threat to the Worth of All Persons and the Sacredness of Creation.


Resolution 1319

World Conference Resolution 1319 calls Community of Christ to discuss the role nonviolence plays in the pursuit of peace and in the life and mission of the church.

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Conscientious Objection and Military Service Statement

This resource is only available in English.


Mideast Conflict Statement

The Community of Christ Peace and Justice Team released a call to action regarding renewed violence in the Mideast. This resource is only available in English.


War Between Hamas and Israel

The Peace and Justice Team shared a statement with the church about the war between Hamas and Israel on 10 October 2023.


World Church Team

The Peace and Justice Team is a World Church Team that considers how Community of Christ might engage in the world as a people passionate about justice and peace. 


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Draft Statement on Nonviolence

The First Presidency has crafted a draft Statement on Nonviolence. The church is invited to offer feedback on the draft statement by 28 February 2025.

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Peace Pathways

Peace Pathways brings together organizations and individuals dedicated to educating, advocating, and promoting peace and justice.


Peace Pavilion

The Peace Pavilion houses over 25 interactive exhibits where visitors learn about peacebuilding.


International Peace Award

The International Peace Award sponsored by Community of Christ and Shaw Family Foundation recognizes a person’s significant efforts to Pursue Peace on Earth.


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Holy Land

Peace Colloquy

Join the Peace and Justice Team for a Peace Colloquy in the Holy Land from 8-15 November 2024. Participants can extend their visit by attending the "And Still We Rise" conference, elevating the voices of women leaders promoting peace in the Middle East in Jericho, West Bank, from 15-17 November. Register today or learn more about the Peace Colloquy and extended gathering.


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