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Human Rights

We uphold our Enduring Principle of Worth of All Persons.

We Affirm

Worth of All Persons

God views all people as having inestimable and equal worth. We join with Jesus Christ in sharing peace and love with the poor, sick, captive, and oppressed and challenging unjust systems that diminish human worth.  

Resolution 1184

World Conference Resolution 1184 reminds us that we are all children of God.


Our Stories

Learn how the church is pursuing Christ's mission in neighborhoods, villages, and communities around the world. Christ's mission, our mission.

'Peace of Jesus'

By Jane M. GardnerPresiding evangelist Peace is not a glass of lemonade, a hammock, palm trees, and soft ocean...

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Human Rights Team

The Human Rights Team is a World Church Team informs the church about critical issues of injustice, helps congregations partner with other human rights organizations and movements specifically working to secure human rights, and focuses on listening for and giving voice to the voiceless. 


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Human Rights Award

The Human Rights Award recognizes a person’s significant efforts to promote human rights.


Outreach International

Outreach International empowers community-led development to create lasting solutions to chronic poverty.


World Accord

World Accord is dedicated to cultivating communities that thrive.


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