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12 March 2024

Where is Jesus?

Presiding Bishop Ron Harmon offers a moving poetic meditation on the...

26 January 2024

Creating Community

Weaving together scripture and her own contemplations about our call to...

5 January 2024

Extravagant Generosity

Ken McClain encourages us to share extravagantly with an engaging story...

15 December 2023

Christ is Our Hope

Apostle Catherine Mambwe notes that even our smallest faith-filled acts...

2 November 2023

Come, Share the Table

In this Communion sermon, Apostle Angela Ramirez traces the roots and...

31 August 2023

That All May Feast

In this Communion sermon, Midlands Mission Center Young Adult Minister...

17 August 2023

Gifts Freely Given

In this Disciples' Generous Response message, Phyllis Gregg compares a...


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