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22 November 2022


In this charming Advent sermon, Apostle Mareva Arnaud Tchong compares...

1 November 2022

Let's Get to Work!

Outreach minister Ben Byrne shares his personal generosity journey and...

11 September 2022


A little boy's quest for bargain cookies kicks off this...

21 August 2022

A Gift of Life

In this Disciples' Generous Response, Standing High Council member Joan...

24 July 2022

Values-based Spending

Parker Johnson explains that when we intentionally work to ensure our...

3 July 2022

This is Church

In this encouraging love-letter to the people of Community of Christ...

12 June 2022

Boldly Venture

This worldwide worship held on 12 June 2022 was our first step on the...

1 March 2022

With New Eyes

In this Disciples' Generous Response Moment, Joelle Wight shares how...


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