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Human Rights Award

This award recognizes a person’s significant efforts to promote human rights.

The following church members and friends of the church have been honored by the First Presidency and awarded the Human Rights Award for having engaged with distinction in the following activities:

  • Maintained a sustained commitment and given exceptional service in affirming the essential rights for peaceful assembly, free speech, specific cultural identities, formation of mutually cooperative human communities, or freedom from fear and threats to personal safety and well-being.
  • Served at the forefront of causes working to alleviate suffering and to promote basic human rights.
  • Promoted human rights that had an impact on a community outside of the Community of Christ—on a local, national, or international level.
  • Promoted human rights through church policy, hymnody, curriculum theology, or other area.


2023 Sherri and Jac Kirkpatrick
2023 Sam Zota
2019 Janet and David Irby
2019 Paul and Rena DeBarthe
2016 Matthew Henricks
2016 Linda and Terry Read
2013 Janet Murdock
2013 Suzanne Selden
2010 Roy Schaefer
2010 Dennis and Lorna Labayen
2007 Rod Downing
2007 Rhoda Mzingo
2004 Elkana and Alicia Odupa
2002 Allan Wigood
2002 William Blue
2000 Carley Cole
2000 John Menzies
1998 Kathy Bachman
1998 Robert Reeds
1996 Brian Burdekin
1996 Rupa Kumar
1994 Ed Guy
1994 Marina Ramos de Merino

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