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Ecumenical and Interfaith Team

This World Church Team provides a link between Community of Christ and interdenominational, interfaith, and other groups.

This team was created by World Conference Resolution (WCR) 1275 “Ecumenical and Interfaith Memberships” to serve as “a link between the Community of Christ and interdenominational, interfaith, and other carefully selected mission-oriented groups.”  

Team Objectives

The Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries Team engaged in lots of work during the inter-Conference period of 2019–2022. The team reviewed the charter and expanded team responsibilities and priorities; these include:

  1. Exploring and recommending ways for congregations and larger jurisdictions to become more involved in ecumenical and interfaith activities.
  2. Promoting participation in Ecumenical Advocacy Days (USA), Parliament of World Religions, and other gatherings.
  3. Exploring and pursuing a Community of Christ presence in ecumenical and interfaith councils beyond the USA. Exploring and pursuing Community of Christ in World Council of Churches.
  4. Providing input to the Peace and Justice Team on the resolves of WCR 1319 through the lens of ecumenism and interfaith work

Team Members 

Zac Harmon-McLaughlin, co-chair
Val Walker, co-chair 
Ervelyne Bernard 
Barbara Carter
Neil DeAtley 
Stephen Donahoe 
Catherine Mambwe 
Susan Naylor 
Tami Perryman 
Ryan Pitt 
Kerry Richards 
Kathy Sharp 
Gillian Vincent 

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