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Renewed Purpose

Community of Christ is a welcoming, global faith community. Through a career or volunteer position at Community of Christ you can experience a renewed purpose for your life. We provide a Christ-centered work environment where you will collaborate alongside passionate individuals striving to nurture and grow faith communities, challenge unjust systems, and courageously pursue justice and peace. Come discover a purpose that can change lives and communities.


Job Openings

Community of Christ

Ministry Positions (USA)

Utah Expansion Minister
Salt Lake City, Utah

Generosity Minister 1
Independence, Missouri

Generosity Minister 2
Independence, Missouri

Associate Mission Center Financial Officer
Independence, Missouri

Youth/Young Adult Minister
Kansas City, Missouri

Orange, California

Professional and Skilled Employment (USA)

Seasonal Grounds/Maintenance Support Staff
Independence, Missouri

Information Technology Specialist and Audio Visual Coordinator
Independence, Missouri

Director of Safety and Security
Independence, Missouri

Lake Doniphan Day Camp Director
Excelsior Springs, Missouri

St. Clair, Missouri

Administrative Assistant/Event Scheduler
St. Clair, Missouri

Camp Caretaker
St. Clair, Missouri

Camp Manager
Jackson, Ohio

Liberty Hall Team Lead Volunteer
Lamoni, Iowa

International Positions

No job openings at this time.

Affiliated Organizations

Graceland University

Enrollment Coordinator
Lamoni, Iowa, USA, and Independence, Missouri, USA

Master Mechanical Maintenance Person
Lamoni, Iowa, USA

Outreach International

President & Chief Executive Officer
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Peace Pavilion

No job openings at this time.

Committed to Building a

Brighter Future

Kat Hnatyshyn

I often refer to Community of Christ as a Journey Church. I find blessings in not having all the answers. Conversations where together we can struggle to find meaning, value in our own understanding, and how we can stretch and grow together. Things may not go perfectly and we don't have to have it all put together. We can have diversity in thought and faith and yet be united in mission. This community says I am enough. Christ says I am enough. I volunteer because we all are enough and others may find blessings in this Journey Church too.

Jenny Lowndes

I work for the Community of Christ because it is an organization that I have experienced my entire life. As an employee of this church, I have the unique opportunity to see the enduring principles lived out on a daily basis. As a minister, I am called to be in fellowship every day, and that alone refills my cup and reminds me of our connection to the divine as a community as well as individuals.

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