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World Hunger Team

The World Hunger Team Supports ministry to help end hunger throughout the world.

The World Hunger Fund was established by a World Conference resolution (GCR 1148) in 1978. It provided for a program to be established to “facilitate opportunities for those interested and motivated to participate in additional ways beyond the fasting discipline and to add these moneys to the support of ministries directed toward the problems of world hunger.”

Team Objectives

A line item of $200,000 USD is part of the Worldwide Mission Budget, specifically to help alleviate world hunger.

In 2021 fund were allocated to:

  • Haiti School Feeding Program: $95,332 USD
  • Gumiguda School Nutritional Program: $32,744 USD
  • Bread for the World: $12,000 USD
  • Council of Twelve World Hunger projects from the church fields: $55,000 USD


Team Members 

Richard James, chair
Bunda Chibwe
Steve Graffeo
Ron Harmon
Scott Murphy
Arthur Smith

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