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World Conference Resolution 1184

This resolution reminds us that we are all children of God.

Human Rights

Adopted 7 April 1984 

Whereas, All peoples are created in God’s image and are accepted as people of worth under God’s grace, and 

Whereas, The church has been admonished to “be in the forefront of those organizations and movements which are recognizing the worth of persons and are committed to bringing the ministry of [Jesus Christ] to bear on their lives (Doctrine and Covenants 151:9), and 

Whereas, The ministry of Jesus Christ and the cause of Zion together address the conditions of peoples everywhere by intending “to announce good news to the poor, to proclaim release for prisoners and...; to let the broken victims go free, [so as] to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18f); and 

Whereas, Citizens the world over are aware daily of numerous instances of unlawful imprisonment, torture, and the killing of men, women, and children; and 

Whereas, WCR 1161 affirms the church’s commitment to proclaim justice and work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and the inhumane conditions in which many of our sisters and brothers live; therefore, be it 

Resolved, That Community of Christ affirms that all people have essential rights, including the right to peaceful assembly, free speech, specific cultural identities and self-determination, the formation of intentional mutually cooperative human communities, freedom from fear and threats to personal safety and well-being, and the right to fulfill personal potential through continued growth and development; and be it further 

Resolved, That the church encourage the membership to support those organizations and movements which specifically work to secure the human rights of those whose rights are being violated; and be it further 

Resolved, That the church, with other organizations and through appropriate and available means, contact world leaders to express its hope for an end to human rights violations; and be it further 

Resolved, That an appropriate division of the World Church study available information and materials on universal human rights and human rights violations and make its findings and recommendations available to the membership of the church; and be it further 

Resolved, That World Church headquarters assume the function of child advocacy and serve the church in producing training materials for all levels of church structure in the field of child advocacy; and be it further 

Resolved, That the church encourage the membership to make this serious concern a matter of continuing prayer, fasting, study, and consideration of personal commitment and action.

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