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Wallace B. Smith | Re-post

Wallace B. Smith | Re-post

26 September 2023 | Wallace B. Smith

In memory of Community of Christ President Emeritus Wallace B. Smith, Project Zion Podcast is running a special series revisiting past episodes featuring Wally B. and his family.

Then on 10 October, Project Zion Podcast will release a unique episode, “Remembering 'Wally B' Smith: Letters and Stories from the Field."

If you have cherished stories or memories of your encounters with Wally B. during his remarkable life and ministry, please email them to Project Zion Podcast by Friday, 6 October. Then on 10 October, a special guest will join Project Zion Podcast to share the heartfelt stories from around the church.

Let's join Project Zion Podcast in celebrating the life and legacy of Wally B.

President-Emeritus Wallace B. Smith shares stories from his youth, including studying medicine and serving in the military in aviation medicine under the doctor draft law, his dad's presidency in the church, and being called to serve as President-Prophet. Smith also discusses how he emphasized the concept "faith to grow" to the church in the eighties, what led up to the ordination of women, the fallout that brought, building the Independence Temple, and the decision to name a successor outside of the Smith family.

The prophetic role is taking people where they ought to be under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Wallace B. Smith
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