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Theology Formation Team

The Theology Formation Team is a World Church Team that advises the Presidency in addressing key theological issues.

The Theology Formation Team was created by the First Presidency in 2002 to advise the Presidency in addressing key theological issues facing the church. Also, a purpose of the team is to enrich theological reflection among the church’s members and leaders.

One of the primary roles of the First Presidency is to help the church to clarify its beliefs, identity, and mission. Skilled theological reflection on important issues and questions is vital to this process. The team is assigned several questions for theological reflection each triennium.

Team Members

Anthony Chvala-Smith, team leader
Joshua Bennet
Adam Bouverette
Jenny Chibwe
Charmaine Chvala-Smith
Eva Erickson
Matt Frizzell
Kathryn Goheen
Dan Jeffers
Robin Linkhart
Lucia Piehi
Keith Russell
Lew Shepherdson
Art Smith
Peter Smith
Wim van Klinken
Adam Wade

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