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Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices awaken us to God’s presence in all things.

Spiritual Practices are forms of prayer that draw us deeper into relationship with God and others and awaken us to God’s presence in the world around us. They can be practiced individually and in community. The fruit of a life of prayer and spiritual practice is compassionate action and widened heart. We may not always “feel God” in the ways we are expecting, but we are invited to trust that God is present in whatever arises as we engage in spiritual practices. Even restlessness, resistance, or boredom can be ways the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to us. Joy, gratitude, and love are also powerful signals of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Spiritual practices are a central way we can authentically live the inward-outward journey of discipleship.  

A spiritual practice can be almost anything practiced with intention (to be in prayer) and attention (to God as the focus of prayer) including walking in nature, eating a meal, listening to music, painting, gardening, etc.  


Spiritual Practices for Children

Help children grow closer to God through these spiritual practices. 


Prayer of Examen

The Prayer of Examen is a way of reviewing the day with God with the intent of examining our need for forgiveness and healing, reconciliation and recommitment.


Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is Latin for divine or sacred reading. It is sometimes referred to as Dwelling in the Word. This spiritual practice is a holistic, experiential way of reading scripture that uses mind, emotion, imagination, the senses, and prayer.


Centering Prayer

This spiritual practice will help you empty inner clutter and chatter to create a space for being with God.


Holding in the Light

Holding in the Light is a form of communal intercessory prayer adapted from the Quaker movement. It is a way of praying for others using silence and imaging.


Introduction to Lenten Practices

This video contains six spiritual practices that help focus and deepen your Lenten journey.


Prayer and Spiritual Practice

What's the difference between prayer and spiritual practice? There is little distinction between these two terms except that prayer is essentially our relationship with God and spiritual practice is the form or structure the prayer takes. All spiritual practice is prayer. It is all about relationship with God.

Additional Resources

Introducing the Labyrinth

This guide explains how to create a labyrinth and the different ways it can be used in a variety of setting to enhance spiritual renewal.


Putting Prayer in Context: A Practical Reference

This practical guide offers explanations and examples of common types of prayer used throughout the church. A handy reference for priesthood members.


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