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8 February 2024

Today in our prayers for the people of Comoros.

Prayer for Peace

Bonnie Bailey

Creator God,

Another day passes and the desire for peace radiates from the lips of your creation. Cries for peace echo throughout our changing Earth. Empower our efforts as we strive to be better stewards of our planet.

Give us the strength to stand up for justice in a world that often puts so little value on a person’s worth. May we see all people with eyes of loving concern and dare to speak up for equality for all genders. May children have opportunities to grow up without fear, have enough food, water, and a home that inspires them to accomplish their dreams. May they come to know a loving God. Surround them with caring people who will teach them loving ways.

May the desire for peace be a constant companion as we seek to do your will, O God of all. Thank you for good leaders who help us understand your will in times of struggle.

Enable us to become a blessing in people’s lives. Thank you for Jesus who has taught us about a loving God and a people called to be servants. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

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