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13 February 2024

Today in our prayers for the people of Kosovo.

Prayer for Peace

Author Unknown

O God of creation,

In the beginning, you created everything and called it good. We are grateful, and we need forgiveness. Our understanding of dominion over the Earth has been expressed through consumption and destruction and not conservation and care.

Even as we proclaim the sacredness of creation, we know that our way of living is far from sustainable. Our insatiable production of greenhouse gases threatens the very stability of this garden Earth that you created.

Amid a pandemic that is causing such pain, we also experienced blessings through bluer skies, cleaner waters, and nature being restored and blessed. Keep us mindful of this lesson and help us not to return to wasteful living, but to co-create with you a new life order in harmony with your creation, which is sustainable and restrained.

Lord, we also are reminded of the sacredness of all human creation and the worth of all persons. Systemic racism, oppression, and needless death has sent us to the streets to call out the injustices and protest for change. We are responding to your call and the knocking on our doors and hearts to rise as signal communities of disciples; to live in oneness and equality using the power of the gospel to reconcile divisions and bring peace.

This is our moment to advocate for racially just policies in each of our communities and to work for the poor and oppressed. It is your divine purpose and vision of peace to which we are called.

May the gift of the sacrament meal today sustain us for the peaceable and hard work ahead for change as we Remember, Reconcile and Recommit. We pray in the name of the Trinity-God creator, Jesus defender, and Holy Spirit sustainer. Amen.

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