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United Kingdom

11 February 2024

Today in our prayers for the people of United Kingdom.

Prayer for Peace

Cheryl Peters

May the peace of God be in you,
To lead you every day,
May the peace of God go out from you,
To light another’s way.

May the peace of God move around
All nations of the Earth.
May God in heaven be overjoyed
As peace has given birth.

And may God’s peace stretch wider
Like bud to blooming flower,
Bless the world with unity
As we pray for peace this hour.

And may Christ who blazed the pathway
And showed examples clear
Give each of us a reason
To hold to peace, so dear.

May we make the world a better place,
A place of truth and peace.
May the witness of our lives assure
That love will never cease

In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.

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