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Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts the Restoration tradition offers today’s world. Podcast episodes are only provided in English.


2 April 2023

Palm Sunday

"Hosanna to the Son of David blessed is the one who comes in the name...

26 March 2023

Fifth Week of Lent

When was the last time you did something without thinking about the...

21 March 2023

Who Is My Neighbor?

Retired Apostle Linda Booth shares stories of modern-day "Good...

19 March 2023

Fourth Week of Lent

During Lent, we look more closely at ourselves and our relationships to...

12 March 2023

Third Week of Lent

Jesus crossed a line to speak to the Woman at the Well, showing us that...

5 March 2023

Second Week of Lent

Co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake Smith explore the second week of Lent...

26 February 2023

Matthew 4:1–11

Project Zion Podcast co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake Smith explore how...

24 February 2023

Frederick M. Smith

Apostle Lachlan Mackay, theologian Tony Chvala-Smith, and Project Zion...

22 February 2023

Ash Wednesday

In this Project Zion Podcast episode, co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake...

7 February 2023

Centering Prayer

Could you use some quiet in your life or a bit more time to be...

3 January 2023

Teach Me to Listen

Community of Christ minister Tyler Marz takes us through a Jesuit...


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