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Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts the Restoration tradition offers today’s world. Podcast episodes are only provided in English.


31 March 2024


In a special Easter episode of Project Zion Podcast, co-hosts Karin...

30 March 2024

Holy Saturday

In a Holy Saturday episode, co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake Smith delve...

29 March 2024

Good Friday

Join co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake Smith for a meditative journey...

28 March 2024

Maundy Thursday

In this special Maundy Thursday episode, hosts Karin Peter and Blake...

24 March 2024

Palm Sunday

Project Zion Podcast co-hosts Karin Peter and Blake Smith lead a...

17 March 2024

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Some Greeks want to see Jesus. That's the subtitle of today's focus...

10 March 2024

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Today, we pause from our journey with Jesus to take a few minutes to...


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