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Under Fifty Survey Results

8 November 2022

In May 2022, Community of Christ conducted a survey for those under the age of fifty who had an affinity with the church. The purpose of the survey was to seek a better understanding of their connection points and the ways participants might choose to engage with and support Community of Christ. 

  • 1,074 people participated in the survey
  • 79 percent of the respondents were under the age of fifty
  • 32 percent were male, 63 percent female, 2 percent nonbinary, 3 percent preferred not to answer
  • 79 percent of the respondents lived in the United States, 21 percent were from outside the USA
  • 85 percent considered themselves to be members of Community of Christ, 15 percent did not


  • Those in the age group eighteen to thirty-four reported looking for community and yearning for a sense of belonging.
  • 47 percent of those under fifty attend a mix of online and in-person church activities.
  • 94 percent of respondents have given financially to the church with at least half of those under fifty preferring online giving methods.
  • Younger audiences report connection to activities focused on:
    • Fighting poverty and needless suffering throughout the world
    • Community service opportunities
    • Social justice issues
    • Networking and small groups
  • For those under fifty, the preferred method for seeking information about religious or spiritual organizations is online either through a website or social media.

Additional information about the survey and the ways Community of Christ will engage with this information is provided in an online report.

—Presiding Bishopric

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