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Summer/Fall Online Classes

9 May 2024

The Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission (CIMM) through the Graceland University/Community of Christ Seminary has opened enrollment for these classes:

Summer B Session (1 July – 25 August) 

  • “Ministry of the High Priest” with David Anderson, $25.00
  • “Ministry of the Evangelist” with Jane Gardner, $25.00
  • “Children and Youth Worker Core Training,” $25.00 (two weeks, no CEU credit)

Fall A Session (26 August – 20 October)  

  • “Introduction to Priesthood Ministry” with Art Smith: $25.00
  • “Ministry of the Priest,” $25.00
  • “Ministry of the Elder,” $25.00
  • “Christian Ministries Certificate: Missional Leadership,”  $100.00

Most classes include non-degreed continuing credits. To enroll or for more information on these classes and the certificate programs, go to


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