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Reunion 2023 Theme

29 November 2022

The Reunion 2023 theme is "God, where is your Spirit leading next?"

As a prophetic people…discern the divine will for your own time and
in the places where you serve. You live in a world with new challenges,
and that world will require new forms of ministry.
—Doctrine and Covenants 162:2c

“The Way Forward” messages and a variety of topics explored at 2023 World Conference invite communities to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading next. Discernment is an intentional focus for community gatherings after World Conference. The theme invites openness to the Spirit’s movement and allows space for communities to focus on what matters most in each context.

Daily Themes

Drawn from a discernment process, these themes can apply to a process for exploring a particular question. They also uphold rhythms of spiritual practices that cultivate a posture of discernment. What challenges and opportunities draw the community into wonder and holy curiosity inspiring courageous response?

God, where is your Spirit leading next?

  • “Awaken to New Possibilities”: What does freedom to follow God’s call look and feel like?
  • “Ask and Dream”: What does prophetic imagination reveal?
  • “Pay Attention”: What more is there to discover?
  • “Listen and Pray”: What is emerging in the community through the Holy Spirit?
  • “Act”: What are the next steps we will take together?


Resources will be available in early 2023 through the Herald House website. 

  • Director’s Guide for Creating Community through worship, sharing services, and community practices
  • Adults—God, where is Your Spirit Leading Next? The adult reunion text will weave excerpts from addresses by Stephen M. Veazey (including “Boldly Venture” and “The Way Forward”) with discernment practices for communal engagement. Class participants will decide on a topic or question (possibly emerging from 2023 World Conference) to carry through a week of discernment practice, discussion, and reflection.
  • Youth—God, where is Your Spirit Leading Next?, the Youth Discernment Journal and Facilitator’s Guide
  • Children—Teach Me, God, to Wonder, a prayer journal and facilitator’s guide

Discernment is willingness to venture with God beyond the familiar. The Holy Spirit breathes anew into our lives, the church, and creation. God’s aim is a new creation in us, among us, and around us! Nothing is more important than discerning what God is up to and our role in it. A hopeful future for Community of Christ is possible—if we choose it. The Holy Spirit urges us to boldly venture there with God.
—President Stephen M. Veazey, “Boldly Venture”

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