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Prayers Needed for New Caledonia

16 May 2024

Apostle Mareva Arnaud Tchong urgently calls on Community of Christ members and friends to uphold New Caledonia and its people in prayer.

She shares, "The current situation in New Caledonia is critical. Over the past few days, the territory has been experiencing severe unrest due to a civil conflict between the Kanaks (the indigenous people of New Caledonia) and the authorities, stemming from certain discussions and decisions.

Just a few minutes ago, our church representative in New Caledonia reported that President Macron has declared a state of emergency. The French army and all intervention forces are preparing to deploy to regain control of the situation.

The church members in New Caledonia are united in prayer and waiting anxiously, not knowing how the night will unfold. They are placing their trust in the Lord. Let us join them in our prayers and thoughts."

Apostle Arnaud Tchong will stay in close contact with local ministers to respond to the evolving situation and the needs of the people.

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