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Nominees Sought for World Church Finance Board

4 August 2022

Based on World Conference Resolution 1306, elections to the World Church Finance Board occur at every World Conference. The conference elects 15 members and the Order of Bishops elects 2 members to this board.

Functions of the World Church Finance Board are described in WCR 1306 with the primary purposes being approval of the annual Worldwide Mission Budget and the annual audit report. Those elected to the board should have skills in financial and budget management and be fluent in English, French, or Spanish.

WCR 1306 also states the following requirements for those elected by the World Conference:

Individuals elected by World Conference as members of the World Church Finance Board shall be church members in good standing, shall not be current employees of Community of Christ in local or World Church jurisdictions, and may not serve more than 2 consecutive full terms of six years without a three-year break in service. A term completed by a person appointed to fill an inter-Conference vacancy is not a full term.

The First Presidency prepares a slate of nominees to present to the World Conference. The Presiding Bishopric prepares a slate of nominees to present to the Order of Bishops.

The Presidency and Bishopric are asking for your assistance in identifying nominees.

Please submit names, contact information, and a short bio of people who are qualified and interested in serving.

Please submit this information to by 1 October 2022. Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.

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