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Journey to World Conference—October to December

24 October 2022

We will divide our journey to World Conference into three stages. Each will last three months, offering spiritual formation, education, and community-building opportunities for individuals and groups.

Boldly Venture: Stage 2


Engage in a spiritual practice called Examen of Context. This practice invites individuals, families, and groups to think about all the different ways we see and interpret events in our life, faith, and world. 

You can use the practice many ways in your daily routines:

  • Personal reflection, meditation, or journaling
  • Family devotions or discussions
  • Small-group or Sunday-school classes
  • Weekly worship gatherings



Watch the Way Forward video series or read the video transcripts.

President Veazey addresses the church in nine short videos. Each video deals with challenging topics and opportunities before the church now and in the future.



Information coming soon!

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