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24 February 2023

The season of Lent began this week on Ash Wednesday. This is a season of personal reflection, inward soul-searching, and repentance as we remember Christ’s journey toward the cross and resurrection. We have a unique opportunity to blend our Lenten journey with preparations for World Conference.

This year, our Lenten journey focuses on the theme of Courage. Each week we will explore different elements of the Good Samaritan story from Luke through the lens of a daily theme from World Conference.

Courage to…

How can you get connected to the Lenten Journey?
  • Subscribe to Daily Bread. Each week the emails will feature practices, scripture, reflection questions, and prayer phrases.
  • Follow @CofChrist on social media. Reflection question memes, scripture, and short videos will invite us into the theme each week during Lent.

An invitation will also be posted in the News section each week as another reminder of our journey together.

Excerpt from Daily Bread this week:

Courage is also a Lenten word. It is a desert place word, a word for times of drought and wilderness and survival and resistance.

It is the word we speak to each other when we most need it, balm and burden, for it can remind us of our true identity and calling, but also compels our presence and action in the places of our lives and world that make our palms sweat and knees tremble.

Courage is a showing-up-in-what-is-real kind of word. It is a hear- pounding, eyes-wide-open word. It is a Christ word, a word of hope. This is not just another theme. It is spiritual work, and we are up to the task.

Speak this word to one another and let it settle into your bones and being for the work of transformation we are already in—courage, courage, courage.

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