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How to Make a Climate Change Difference Now

3 June 2022

An online presentation, “Super Heroes Can’t Save Us! How I Can Make a Difference NOW!” airs at 4:00 p.m. 5 June Central Daylight Time

This Zoom ministry reflecting Sacredness of Creation, an Enduring Principle, is from Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center. This event in the series is the result of feedback from previous webinars. Organizers recognized that participants and others are looking for opportunities to make a difference in climate protection and repair.

Three of the top presenters in the series will share what they consider priorities. Dr. Richard Gammon, Dr. Richard Waugh, and Randy Litzenberger will offer a few of the things they have done, and their recommendations to help guide people in contributing to climate solutions. Additional suggestions will be provided—enough to engage everyone’s interests and abilities. This practical primer helps us be the change you want to see!

To connect to “Super Heroes Can’t Save Us! I Can Make a Difference NOW!” register at www.cofchristclimatejustice.org. Participants who registered for a past webinar or conversation do not need to do so again. Once registered, they will be sent a Zoom link.

A Sunday worship from GPNWMC with a similar theme, “Sacredness of Creation,” begins at 8:40 p.m. Central Daylight Time on 26 June.

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