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Final Videos in the Way Forward Series

10 October 2022

President Steve Veazey ends The Way Forward video series with “Continue to Bring the Temple to Life” and “What’s the Plan?” Watch today!

The Way Forward: Continue to Bring the Temple to Life
The Independence Temple is a powerful, unifying symbol of the church. It highlights Christ’s ministries of peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit.

A challenge has been how to meaningfully connect groups around the world with Temple ministries. Geographic and communications barriers have limited the Temple’s full impact. However, online technology can help overcome these barriers.

The Way Forward: What’s the Plan?
We are God’s way of redeeming and transforming the world. Whom we become in Christ and what we share of our giftedness and resources is how the reign of God expands on Earth.

There is no detailed plan that can substitute for communities of disciples and friends discerning and Living Christ’s mission together daily.

Watch previous videos in this series on our YouTube playlist.

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