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Episode 500 for Project Zion Podcast

3 August 2022

A coffee-themed podcast series hit the spot for many Community of Christ members and friends when the project launched August 30, 2015.

On August 5, 2022, the series will post its 500th episode. The team that creates and produces Project Zion Podcast has recorded a discussion of how PZP began and will recall twists and turns along the way. They will review the ten episodes with the most total downloads and shared podcasts of each year for 2015-2021.

On the 500th podcast, learn practical ways to use PZP content in church settings, small groups, family life, personal discipleship, everyday life, and helping friends and neighbors get to know what Community of Christ is and how we live our faith and mission.

Full-length episodes post Tuesday and Friday, plus occasional bonus episodes.

Project Zion Podcast is part of Latter-day Seeker Ministries, a ministry of Community of Christ.

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