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8 April Marks 150 Years for the Church Seal

20 February 2024

Read more about the church seal in the May/June issue of the Herald.

On 8 April, Community of Christ celebrates the 150th anniversary of the church seal, originally a seal/stamp used on church legal documents. After World War I, the seal began to be used on church books, stationary, and church buildings, becoming the beloved church logo.

In addition to the widely known child, lion, and lamb, the original seal embossed an image of a palm tree beside the figures and three continents below the figures, with “Peace” underneath. Isaiah 11: 1-10 is the scriptural inspiration for the church seal, describing the coming of the Messiah and the lion, lamb, and child images living together in peace. Researcher Andrew Bolton suggests that the church seal has become important visual theology for the church and has strengthened our peace mission.   

The official seal of the church, as a symbol of peace, should be a daily reminder of our individual and collective obligation to promote peace…

World Conference Resolution 1177, 3 April 1982

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