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2024 Reunion Resources Available

19 April 2024

The Reunion 2024 theme is "Heal the Earth: A Restoration Imperative."


Reunion resources for 2024, which include adult, youth, and children's lessons; worship and sharing service helps; and ideas for reunion directors, are now accessible on


In response to World Conference Resolution 1325 Climate Emergency adopted April 25, 2023, Community of Christ declared a climate emergency. Reunion 2024 is an opportunity for education, formation, and a call to action based on this World Conference Resolution. Through classes, worships, and additional invitations for reunion directors and planning teams, communities will be invited to explore the many intersecting issues of justice and peace that find root in the climate crisis. Created by members of the Community of Christ Earth Stewardship Team, Formation Ministries Team, and members of Climate Justice Teams around the global church, these materials invite us to find our place in the web of life with humility and urgency as we pursue God’s vision of shalom for all creation. The authors of these resources lean deep into the restoration tradition and the call to restore and heal as an imperative for climate action today.

Daily Themes

Day 1
  • Theme: The Earth, Lovingly Created
  • Area of Focus: Introduce the effects of carbon and provide scriptural, spiritual, and theological foundations for our response to the climate crisis.
Day 2
  • Theme: Immersed in Creation 
  • Area of Focus: Protecting our oceans and sacred water sources while growing in awareness plastic pollution, particularly in the oceans.
Day 3
  • Theme: The Stewardship of God’s Goodness
  • Area of Focus: Noticing how our everyday choices, including what we choose to eat, can impact the planet. This will include a focus on food and methane, while making connections to Christian hospitality, sacrament, and an invitation to God’s table.
Day 4
  • Theme: Finding Our Place
  • How are people being impacted now by climate disruption? We will explore the connections between the environment, poverty, and racism.
Day 5
  • Theme: The Imperative to Act
  • While starting simple and small, we will consider concrete possibilities for urgent response while keeping faith in the ceaseless spirit of God’s goodness.

Scripture Foundations

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