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Ministry and Priesthood

Serving together, we make Christ's mission a reality in our communities, congregations, and the world.


Ministry is humble service offered to communities, congregations, and the world by disciples who follow Jesus. It is creating relationships that inclusively share Christ’s peace and boundless love.  Each day disciples choose to accept God’s grace, ground themselves in God’s love for them and all people, and generously share Christ’s peace with everyone they meet. 


Priesthood is a sacred covenant with God and the church. Priesthood members are ministers dedicated to creating sacred communities that prepare, equip, and send disciples in Christ’s mission. They are called by God for specific ministries and servant-leadership roles. Each role or office represents a different part of Jesus’ ministry. 


Deacons share ministry of service and model Jesus as comforter by nurturing individuals and families in the congregation and community.


Teachers share ministry of reconciliation and model Jesus as peacemaker in the congregation and community.


Priests share ministry of presence and model Jesus as friend by being a spiritual friend to individuals, families, and community.


Elders share ministry of mission and model Jesus as servants whose acts of ministry are direct, tangible expressions of the good news of the gospel.

High Priest

High Priest share ministry of vision and model Jesus as servant leaders who focus on helping people bridge between what is and what could be.


Seventies share ministry and model Jesus' example of radical invitation and witness by focusing on people seeking to commit their lives to Christ.


Evangelist model Jesus as ministers of blessing by being aware of the reconciling influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people.


Bishops share ministry and model Jesus' abundant generosity by teaching and preaching the principles of stewardship and Disciple's Generous Response.

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