World Conference 2023

Discerning Future Leadership 5

29 May 2023

Jesus Christ, the embodiment of God’s shalom, invites all people to come and receive divine peace in the midst of the difficult questions and struggles of life. Follow Christ in the way that leads to God’s peace and discover the blessings of all of the dimensions of salvation.

Doctrine and Covenants 163:2a

Discernment Practice

Prayerfully explore the church’s current situation and the world in which leadership will occur. Consider the question from your context while also being mindful of the church’s global context.

What are the most significant situations, opportunities, or challenges that a prophetic leader will need to address?

Prayer for Peace

Our prayers for peace name injustice and suffering and compel us toward compassionate action that restores the world.

Breathe deeply and center yourself in the presence of God’s love and peace.

What is the longing of your heart for peace within, peace in relationships, peace for communities, and peace for the planet?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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