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Breaking Barriers

17 May 2024

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before him.

Psalm 22:27

[Excerpted from “Attune Our Hearts to Pentecost” by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin, May/June 2022 Herald, p. 17]

Who has been neglected, ignored, cast aside, or rejected? Where have we missed the power of the Holy Spirit seeking to birth a new creation in these very people and places? We are invited to attune our hearts to every place where Pentecost is happening now, where people of differing life experiences and ways of seeing the world are being called together into a new creation centered on the life and love of Jesus Christ.

Where is the unruly, barrier-breaking Spirit of God at work in our world today, singeing our norms with transformative tongues of fire, opening us to ways of seeing and understanding the world that have power to articulate the gospel anew?

Give us, O God, the ability to speak and hear in the “language” of the refugee mother, to see the world through the eyes of the transgender child, to feel in our hearts the hopeful ache of the indigenous grandfather advocating for the land.

May the gift of your spirit burn and breathe through us to break down the dividing walls between political parties and warring nations. May we, bewildered and astounded, hear and see the Spirit as holy fire burning away our false separations, drawing us into the width and warmth of your Oneness.

Make of us your new creation for the blessing of all is our deep hope and prayer.

Prayer Phrase

“What can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Spiritual Practice

Breathe Hope

Find a quiet space where you can sit without distractions. Light a candle. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your body to relax with each exhale. As you breathe, let go of any tension or worries you may be holding onto. Take notice of the way the flame dances and flickers, casting light and shadow in the room. As you observe the flame, imagine it symbolizing the spark of hope within you. With each breath, imagine the flame growing brighter and stronger. Visualize this light spreading throughout your body, filling you with a sense of hope and positivity. Take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings in your life, no matter how small they may seem.

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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