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At Any Juncture

6 July 2024

By Vallie Sooter, Kirkwood

How blessed are they! For they published peace; they published good tidings of good; and they declared to the people that the Lord reigns.

Mosiah 11:207

God of joy, you could have chosen to begin our life in wisdom, and yet you chose to birth us into childhood—that special time of wonder, play, and joy.

You could have chosen to be our only teacher, and yet you chose to send your son to teach us how to honor one another—for the elderly teach the young and the young teach the elderly to live a life of grace.

You could have chosen to judge us harshly, and yet you are a God of second chances—forgiving, freeing, loving us at any juncture, unconditionally.

You could have chosen to give us peace; instead, you gave us agency to seek it—lovely, holy, blessed peace, where all humanity is counted sacred regardless of age, race, or creed.

We praise you for this mission that draws the generations into meaning, for where innocence and wisdom join in reason, there we’ll find the peace of God. Amen.

Prayer Phrase

“For by grace you have been saved” (Ephesians 2:8).

Spiritual Practice

The Jesus Prayer of Mercy

The Jesus Prayer is an ancient spiritual practice from Orthodox Christianity. It is a way of connecting with the gracious Spirit of Christ as we ask to receive his mercy. The prayer comes from the scripture of the blind man calling Jesus to heal him. Silently enter prayer and let your breath become slow and even. Greet God and then take up the prayer phrase: Lord, Jesus Christ (as you breathe in) … have mercy on me (as you breathe out). Prayerfully repeat these words for several minutes (or forty times). Breathe the presence of Christ into your mind, heart, and body. Be transformed as you receive the compassionate, peaceful heart of Jesus.

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.


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