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Church History and Sacred Story Team

This World Church Team explores our history in responsible ways that inform and encourage our mission.

Team Objectives

The team engages the church in exploring its history in responsible ways that inform and encourage its mission.

  • Coordinating oral histories
  • Providing content for church communication outlets, including:
    • Project Zion Podcast’s “Cuppa Joe” history series
    • The Herald
  • Developing historical materials to inform discussions on contemporary issues facing the church
  • Keeping leaders current on new church history issues and questions
  • Integrating history into the life of the church to support identify formation
  • Supporting church members in the development of the ability to think historically

Team Members 

Lachlan Mackay, team leader 
John Charles Duffy
Magen Edvalson 
David Howlett
Peter Judd 
Rachel Killebrew 
Ronald Romig 
Barbara Walden 

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