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Supporting the Final Discernment Steps

8 November 2023 | Stassi Cramm

With President Stephen M. Veazey’s absence extended through April 2024 as announced in August, the First Presidency asked the Council of Twelve Apostles to accept the sacred responsibility of calling the new prophet-president.

This plan was supported by the World Church Leadership Council and Council of Presidents of Seventy. The original announcement was posted on 30 August.

The Council of Twelve Apostles will follow the timeline and process previously announced to the church. The Presidency has sent the Council of Twelve Apostles all the feedback provided from people around the church regarding the discernment questions.

What is God’s call for the worldwide church in this time?

The question for July and August was: What is God’s call for the worldwide church in this time? Here’s what some people shared:

  • Leadership in this time needs collaboration with other worldwide initiatives working toward peace, ending racism, embracing diversity, and that the “leadership” embrace the calling to be found in the forefront of those organizations already existing!
  • Acceptance and inclusion of all and stewardship of Earth and all of God’s creation. 
  • The call is to actually be the presence of Christ in the world...and that means figuring out how to live counterculturally. It means reclaiming the message of Christ. Part of that may mean not worrying so much about “doing” church and keeping our church buildings open, but focusing on “being” church and creating the communities we talk about.
  • …How do we create meaningful ministry (local and worldwide) that attracts, captivates, and in turn encourages involvement and generosity? Intentional efforts to mentor and minister our younger members and young adults are crucial… how do we provide meaningful connection across states, countries, mission centers, to create Unity in Diversity and facilitate growth and connection in meaningful ways?

Submit Names by 30 November

As church members go through the prayerful discernment process, they’re asked to submit names of possible candidates for the next prophet- president by November 30. All names should be sent to World Church Secretary Susan Naylor, who is collecting them for the Council of Twelve Apostles.


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