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Discernment in Progress

1 August 2023 | Stassi Cramm

In March, Prophet-President Stephen M. Veazey invited the church as prophetic people into an intentional time to mutually discern who is called to be the next prophet-president for Community of Christ. 


Since that time, the Presidency has been prayerfully moving through the discernment questions and cycles of praying and sharing. As part of this journey, members of the Presidency have been blessed by the prayers and comments that have been posted online and sent through email. 

Here’s one of the prayers that was posted: 

Loving God, as members of this prophetic church we have the unique opportunity to share in discernment of change and choosing the path ahead. Our eyes need to be opened and our minds quickened. May we seek your guidance and not limit you to our expectations but eagerly await your will. Help us to look forward. Guide us as we work to be living disciples of Jesus Christ, as we proclaim in our name. Bless our leaders as they select the new prophet-president. Continue to prepare the person to be selected. It is a great responsibility, and the person will need to be able to lead both spiritually and in daily needs of the church. Thank you for this opportunity to be involved in this discernment. In Jesus’s name. Amen. 

One person shared: 

We are called to take the basic principles of Christ’s gospel, embody them daily, and draw forth zionic relationships and conditions in all the places where we live, work, and relate. 

Another posted: 

The Spirit is leading the worldwide church to reach out to those with perspectives different from our own. To have the courage to risk being the hands and feet of God to work for justice. It might not look like our traditional church, but we must risk being uncomfortable in this transition. 

Thanks to everyone who has offered prayers or shared comments. The Presidency looks forward to receiving additional reflections from the church in the coming months. 

In addition to receiving reflections online, the Presidency also has met with key leaders. In April, in a hybrid meeting with the Standing High Council and the Presidency, there was time to share some thoughts about the opportunities and challenges that a new prophet-president must be ready to face. 

In May, the World Church Leadership Council met on Zoom and spent time prayerfully considering “What are the most significant situations, opportunities, or challenges that a prophetic leader will need to address?” In September, the council will meet in person and explore “What kind of leadership (qualities, style, competencies, gifts, skills) is needed to respond to God’s call for the worldwide church at this time and into the future?” 

How are you creating intentional time to participate in this process? If you haven’t participated to date, there’s still time. Don’t miss out. Everyone’s voice is important. 

Visit Discerning Future Leadership to find the Submit a Reflection button.

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