Draw Close

January 01, 2022

By Anne Bonnefin

There is a place where you and God can meet. Not a physical place, but a liminal one. A place of invitation and acceptance. If you draw close, you can see the world as it could be just for a moment. You can see the world through Christ’s eyes, and it can change you.

In lockdown I purchased a trampoline for my grandchildren. When we are on it together, it becomes our world. We play Peter Rabbit, and the children run around the edges being chased by Mister McGregor. Sometimes we make up games like Cook the Pancake where the “pancake” (usually an adult) lies in the middle of the trampoline while the children jump around the edges and call “Are you cooked yet?” The adult usually replies “No, not yet,” and gets to lie there doing nothing for a few more minutes.

Other times we all lie on the mat, look up at clouds, and try to pick out animals or other shapes. Jude, who is one and a half, especially loves when we jump together. It takes a lot of trust to jump like this: trust in my ability to hold him in my arms and jump and trust in his ability to hold on tight.

To be known by God, to be connected to the heartbeat of the universe, to be held, embraced, and uplifted by God’s grace is to be swept up in a movement of love.

Sometimes I think about what this must be like for him. When he jumps on the trampoline alone, his small body doesn’t make much of a dent in the mat. But we can jump high together, holding each other tight, and he gets to see his world from a new perspective for a moment. The joy in his face is priceless. It’s almost as if we are bound together, and the tighter we hold each other, the higher we can jump.

I imagine that this is what it is like between God and us. God can only hold us as tightly as we choose to hold on also. Our jumping is supercharged when we bounce in unison.

To be known by God, to be connected to the heartbeat of the universe, to be held, embraced, and uplifted by God’s grace is to be swept up in a movement of love. Change is possible in our lives and our communities as we draw close to God and hold tight to Jesus, the peaceful One.

Bind Us

May we be bound Oh God
not with ropes that restrict,
Not with ropes that
or disability.
Not with ropes
that limit difference
or gender
or age.
Not with
in or out.
Not with ropes
that neatly tie up
or wealth
or privilege.
Nor with cords
that bind us to

May we be bound Oh God
with ropes that
splice us to your
current of
Like a conduit
may we be
of grace
and encouragement
and equity.
May we seek harmony
even within our discord.
And may our cords loop
around again and again
binding hope to suffering.
May every
uplift and energize
and promote peace.
Bind us to the heart of
Christ's boundless

Hold us tight God.
Lift us up God.
Let us glimpse your perspective.
Let us see what you see.

—Anne Bonnefin

This article is adapted from the September 2021 issue of the Australia Herald. 

About the Author

Anne Bonnefin

Anne Bonnefin is an elder in the church and lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She has a Diploma of Fine Art and Diploma of Counseling and is currently studying Transpersonal Art Therapy.

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