Blessing of Children

The Sacraments

Sacraments are special ministries given to the church to convey the grace of Jesus Christ to not just his followers but to all God's children whom Christ yearns to touch with his compassion. Through the sacraments, God sanctifies common elements of creation to bless human life and to renew and form the church to seek the peaceful kingdom of God. There are eight sacraments in Community of Christ:

These sacraments make God's love and mercy visible and available to us. Christians sometimes call the sacraments a means of grace. "Means of grace" is a way of saying that God's Spirit is present in these ministries to help Christ's love grow in us.

The power of the sacraments comes from Jesus Christ. The sacraments are living expressions of the gospel. They make visible God’s grace and generosity. The sacraments are a glimpse of who God is and what God calls us to be. As we are blessed by the sacraments, we receive power to share the peace of Jesus Christ and to fulfill our mission in the world.

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