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October 1, 2013

Daily Bread Shifts to Blog

By Kendra Friend, Integrated Communications

Daily Bread has long been a devotional that connects us to our worldwide church through people’s stories. For the past two years, daily entries from this book have been offered on the Internet through a blog at http://CofChristDailyBread.wordpress.com.

This venue offers a prime opportunity to be a presence in the daily lives of people in a busy, electronically connected world. It also has opened Daily Bread to more diverse international and ecumenical audiences.

Said Jane Gardner, president of the High Priests Quorum: “The Daily Bread blog is part of my daily spiritual discipline. It is so helpful to receive the posting each day. No matter where I travel, the blog postings arrive in my inbox to bless my day with meditation and refreshment.”

Cathy Loving helps manage the blog as part of the Temple Strategy Team. Over the past several months she has noticed readers from a widening array of countries. “Just today there were people on the site from the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Australia, and Albania.” She also has noted users from other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Get Daily Bread E-mail

Said David Brock, presiding evangelist and co-leader of the Temple Strategy Team: “For many years I have received a print copy of Daily Bread...I have read a number of entries each year, but not very many. The past two years, I have elected to receive Daily Bread in my e-mail every day. When I wake up it is always there waiting. It is one of the four to five things I open and read almost every morning.”

With electronic readership rising and sales declining, beginning in 2014 Daily Bread will be published as a blog but not as a book. Readers may receive each day’s story, prayer for peace, spiritual practice, and peace covenant in their e-mail, and they may share comments. To subscribe, click on the Daily Bread icon at www.CofChrist.org or go directly to http://CofChristDailyBread.wordpress.com and enter your e-mail address.

“Whether you read it ‘religiously’ from the printed text or whether you have seldom read it,” said Brock, “I encourage you to sign up and start your day with a reflection from a Community of Christ member or leader somewhere on the Earth; a connection to the worldwide church; a connection to the potential resident in a new day; a connection to our Creator and Sustainer. Bread for the journey. Please partake. Please share!”

More Ways to Connect

For those who would like more electronic links to missional stories and ways to connect with people throughout our worldwide church, find additional icons next to Daily Bread at www.CofChrist.org. They’ll link you with the Herald blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You also can sign up to receive free e-subscriptions for commentary articles and newsletters at www.CofChrist.org/subscribe.asp.

If you will miss your print copy of Daily Bread, consider the several print resources available to connect us with mission. Read the Herald as a daily discipline that connects you with stories around the world; meditate on scriptures; engage in devotional reading of the hymnal, Community of Christ Sings; and study Worship Resources.