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March 1, 2012

Disciple Formation Guide en Français

Efforts in French Polynesia soon will bring the Disciple Formation Guide to another language.



The Disciple Formation Guide will soon be available in French!

A team met in French Polynesia in November 2011 and wrote French-language disciple formation content for youth. Team members were Tanoh Assoi, Ervelyne Bernard, Benjamin Colombani, Noëlline Colombani, Pasoti Lee, Romina Mootua, Tehinarii Reiatua, Steven L. Shields, Ilona Tauraa, and Larry Tyree.

Disciple formation is important for the church throughout the world. How do we create such tools for a church that is increasingly diverse? The church needs to hear the voices of all members from all places. Mere translation of what is written at International Headquarters often is not enough.

Using the same outline as the English-language Disciple Formation Guide, the French-language team wrote more than 100 disciple practices. Using the Disciple Formation Guide lesson template, it took the work a step further and wrote a basic lesson plan for each practice.

What is most exciting, though, is the team created not a regional resource as in the past, but a World Church resource. Community of Christ has much experience using local teams to write materials for contextual uses. In this case, the French language Disciple Formation Guide for youth looks and feels like the Disciple Formation Guide in English on the church’s website. The whole church, in all of its many languages, will use it.

BY STEVEN L. SHIELDS, International Field Ministries