Discover Your True Capacity, Move Mission Forward

Contributors around the world gave an estimated $860,000 in mission tithes in May for worldwide ministries. Thank you for your generous giving, which put tithing at $11,097,793 toward the revised goal of $12,000,000 for the 2014 fiscal year (July 2013–June 2014). Thanks to special individual and congregational contributions made in June, on top of sustained giving, we remain hopeful about meeting the revised $12,000,000 goal.

The 2015 fiscal year (July 2014–June 2015) again has a tithing goal of $12,000,000. That will not be enough to cover ministry expenses approved by the World Church Finance Board at its June meeting. This places a challenge before us as a church: Each of us must consider our true capacity for giving to worldwide ministries to ensure Christ’s mission moves forward.

What can you do to make Christ’s mission real in your community and around the world? Prayerfully consider your true capacity to support equally worldwide and local ministries so the church can open new congregations and get started in new nations (Christ’s mission of evangelism); feed the hungry and respond in times of crisis (Christ’s mission of compassion); seek justice, create peacemakers of all ages, and unite with others to pursue peace around the world (Christ’s mission of justice and peacemaking); and equip individuals and congregations for mission.

These are just a few examples of how your giving makes Christ’s mission real in the world:

  • Invite People to Christ: In a village in Laclac, Philippines, Outreach Bible Study, a new church-planting strategy started in February 2013, has led to 16 baptisms and confirmations with more people continuing to join.
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering: More than $12,000 from local and worldwide offerings is helping with recovery from a devastating mudslide in Darrington, Washington, USA.
  • Pursue Peace on Earth: The Peace and Justice Team and many from the Independence, Missouri, community welcomed Bike for Peace cyclists at their Temple stop on a world tour to advocate for a nuclear-weapon-free world by 2020.
  • Develop Disciples to Serve: World Service Corps volunteers have been out on assignments where they are immersed in others’ cultures, offer and develop their ministry, and build relationships.
  • Experience Congregations in Mission: Dariamba Congregation in East Odisha, India, has seen consistent growth. It took 11 years to complete, but with patience, local fund-raising, and some help from worldwide mission tithes, the congregation dedicated its new building in March.

Thank you for all you do to support Christ’s mission—our mission—by living out and giving to the Mission Initiatives.