Revised Giving GraphSpiritual Practice, Resurrection,
and Generosity

In January, contributors around the world gave an estimated $900,000 in mission tithes for worldwide ministries. Thank you for your generous giving, which put tithing at $7,250,000 toward the revised 2014 fiscal-year goal of
$12,000,000. Although the church is on target to meet the revised worldwide ministries tithing budget for July 2013–
June 2014, contributions remain below where we have been challenged to give so we can expand ministry.

Doing leads to being. Please prayerfully consider what tithing means to you as a spiritual practice. Find a variety of ways to give at

Thank you for your generous giving that transforms lives through:

  • Invite People to Christ: World Service Corps volunteers
    participate in creating relationships that lead to baptisms and confirmations.
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering: Aid is helping rebuild our youth hostel in Orissa, India, and providing storm recovery there and in the Philippines.
  • Pursue Peace on Earth: People around the world will connect April 6 through the interactive President’s Address at to explore what it means to pursue Christ’s mission together.
  • Develop Disciples to Serve: As people embrace Community of Christ Sings in our homes and congregations, we are challenged to live out the mission we sing.
  • Experience Congregations in Mission: Crossroads Congregation (Coffeyville, Kansas) started a back-to-school night to reach out with fun activities and to give out backpacks with school supplies.