Respond to the Vision for Mission

The 2014 fiscal year will close at the end of this month. Contributors around the world gave an estimated $1,100,000 in mission tithes in March for worldwide ministries. Thank you for your generous giving, which put tithing at $9,250,000 toward the revised 2014 fiscal-year goal of $12,000,000.

Although the church is on track to meet the revised worldwide ministries tithing budget, we are poised to begin new ministries if we increase support. During the live question-and-answer session following the President’s Address on April 6, Steve Veazey said, “It’s my expectation the church will respond to the vision for mission that is before the church.”

That vision includes

“Our stewardship—how we manage our lives to increase our capacity to give—is linked to the ability of the church to successfully pursue its mission throughout the world,” said President Veazey. “You can’t separate those.”

Thank you for your generous giving that transforms lives through: