Giving to the Mission Initiatives

Offering Envelopes and Contributor's Guide

Beginning in September, offering envelopes will reflect the Mission Initiatives outlined by President Steve Veazey in his address to the church April 10, 2011. All ministries, personnel, and resources of the World Church now are aligned with these initiatives, keeping us focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ as we promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Q: What does mission-based budgeting mean?

A: Mission-based budgeting structures the budget so all expenses, both support and direct costs, are associated with a mission initiative.

adult envelopesQ: Do leaders expect mission centers and congregations to align their budgets to the five Mission Initiatives?

A: Mission centers and congregations are expected to continue to use generosity-based budgeting, which allows congregations to give based on their capacity, not on an assessment formula. Field teams are welcome to use the mission initiative structure if it fits the planning process for their mission centers and congregations.

Q: Tithing is increasing. Why are we doing this now?

A: Moving to Mission Initiatives is the natural next step for a prophetic people who are going deeper in their discipleship and call to be fully engaged in Christ’s mission. This aligns giving with mission.

Q: When will new envelopes with Mission Initiatives on the “Worldwide Ministries” side be released?

A: People using envelopes in the USA and Canada will receive the new format in August for use starting September 1. They also will receive a Contributor Guide. Envelopes in the British Isles and Australia will beavailable in January 2012.childrens envelopes

Q: Will children’s envelopes include the Mission Initiatives?

A: Yes. The artwork on the children’s envelope will complement “The Story of Jack and Jenn” children’s video. You can see the video at

Q: Is it important to continue to “share equally” between local and worldwide ministries?

A: Yes. By sharing equally between congregation/mission center and worldwide ministries, the disciple shares in moving Christ’s mission forward locally and globally.

Q: What will happen to the Oblation and World Hunger funds?

A: Generous support of Oblation and World Hunger Funds has provided grants to people around the world in desperate need. Your contributions to the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering mission initiative will continue to support these ministries.

Q: Will the local side of the envelope for congregations and mission centers in the USA change?

A: Mission center leadership teams will decide. Each mission center determines what is printed on the congregation and mission center side of its envelopes. Each mission center will have the opportunity to decide if or when the left side of the envelope for its congregations will change.

Q: What is the Contributor Guide?

A: The Contributor Guide is a resource that details the Mission Initiatives, the many giving options, and information on the tithing goals and budget for the 2012 fiscal year. It will be mailed to people in the USA who receive offering envelopes. Canada, the British Isles, and Australia mission centers will adapt the Contributor Guide for contributors in those nations.