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Give Where Needed Most
Entrusts the church to direct funds where they can quickly do the most good.

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Invite People to Christ
Increase number of Community of Christ members and congregations.

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Abolish Poverty,
End Suffering

Expand ministries that serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that produce poverty.

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Pursue Peace on Earth
Learn and live justice and peacemaking ministries that help establish Zion, the peaceable kingdom.

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Develop Disciples
to Serve

Equip and empower people of all ages as disciples, ministers, and leaders.

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Experience Congregations
in Mission

Develop dynamic congregations engaged in Christ’s mission of evangelism, compassionate ministries, and justice and peacemaking.

Christ’s Mission…Our Mission

Christ’s mission is our mission. From this point forward, all ministries, personnel, and resources of the World Church will be focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ. For the first time, Christ’s mission is clearly articulated in five, life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing Mission Initiatives.

For more information about these Mission Initiatives, please visit


How Can I Give?

Contribute OnlineGive Online Now!

      • Click the Contribute Online button. Your information
        will be transferred through a secure web site.for canadian contributions click here
      • Encrypted debit/credit card information will be processed by Community of Christ Fiscal Services. Charges will not immediately appear on your statement.
      • All contributions are in U.S. Dollars

Transfer (PAT)

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PAT Authorization

Use PAT to
Sustain Mission

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Monthly Checking


Share PAT in Disciples Generous Response ministry

MAC Users!

The electronic PAT form requires use of the ADOBE Reader for Macintosh

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The PAT form is currently not working with Internet Explorer 9. Please use another browser to fill out the form electronically.

The Pre-Authorized Monthly Checking Account Transfer (PAT) option for contributions to Community of Christ (available only in Canada and the United States and limited to congregations that currently use online Shelby for contributions) provides a way to make regular monthly contributions to Local and World Mission Tithes through electronic fund transfers from your bank or financial institution. You determine the amount you want to contribute to each month. Pre-Authorized Transfers occur on the 15th of each month.

You may still use offering envelopes to give additional contributions. Pre-Authorized Transfer contributions will be added to all other contributions you give through offering envelopes and will be reported on the regular monthly statements you receive from your congregational financial officer.

You may set-up, submit changes, or request to cancel online through the PAT authorization form, which must be received at Community of Christ International Headquarters by the first of the month to be effective for that month’s contribution. Verbal or e-mail change requests cannot be honored. Your request will be acknowledged in writing within seven days of receipt. You may also print and mail or fax PAT authorization forms to headquarters at (816) 521-3094.

For questions about Pre-Authorized Transfers, including obtaining and filling out a PAT authorization form, contact your congregational or mission center financial officer or Community of Christ Fiscal Services by e-mail or 1-800-825-2806, ext. 1406. Pre-authorized transfers are automatically stopped when congregation membership transfers are processed.

Online Banking

For areas where the Pre-Authorized Transfer system is not available, or for contributors who prefer to give different amounts at different times, online banking may be used as an electronic contribution option. You can give to Local and World Mission Tithes through online banking, as long as your local bank or financial institution provides this service.

When you log on to your online bank account, you must initially provide mailing information that includes the church name (Community of Christ—then your congregation name), local or mission center financial officer’s name, mailing address, and phone number. If you prefer to use online banking to contribute to World Mission Tithes only, include the following contact information: Community of Christ, Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut, Independence, Missouri 64050-3562; phone: 1-800-825-2806, ext. 1384. Be sure to include the amount and name of funds to which you want to contribute. Once the church address/contact information is included in your online bank account, you are set to make contributions to Local and World Mission Tithes any time, day or night!

For further information, contact Fiscal Services by e-mail or 1-800-825-2806, ext. 1391.

Offering Envelopeskids envelopes

Adult envelopesDisciples generally give Mission Tithes during worship services by using offering envelopes requested from their home congregation financial officer (CFO). The receipt received for these contributions allows disciples to track the progress in reaching their individual sharing goal. Contributions mailed to the congregation, mission center, or Community of Christ International Headquarters will also be receipted. Envelopes are available for adults/youth and children


Opportunity to give is provided during most Community of Christ services. Offering envelopes are often available in the pews for your use, or money may be placed directly in the offering tray. Money donated in this way will not be receipted. Find a congregation near you!


Contribute through postal mail by sending your contributions to:

Community of Christ
ATTN: Presiding Bishopric
1001 W. Walnut
Independence MO 64050-3562


If you wish to contribute by telephone, contact the Presiding Bishopric at 1-800-825-2806, ext. 2216.

Planned Giving

Explore ways to create a legacy of generosity through the services of the church's Estate and Gift Planning specialists.