We Share:
Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs

Dear Friends,

One of the highest priorities identified at a gathering of field, headquarters, and affiliate staff several years ago was to continue “to clarify church identity, mission, and message.” We are pleased to share with you a major result of our efforts in that regard, a document entitled We Share: Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs PDF (4.65MB).

This document is the result of a collaborative effort among representatives of the worldwide church and church leaders. The Expanded World Church Leadership Council, various World Church teams, the 2008 World Church Leaders Gathering, and many other individuals have contributed to its contents.

We Share: Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs presents basic ideas and common terminology to align expressions of church identity, mission, message, and beliefs throughout the world. We are sharing it with World Church staff in French, English, and Spanish. We are attaching text versions of the document. Please download the PDF version with pictures and attractive formatting: www.CofChrist.org/discernment/weshare/weshare.pdf.

We expect this paper will play a major role in guiding the church in the years ahead. It provides a foundation on which we will build classes, sermons, ministry models, resources, small group activities, and worship experiences that speak to those we serve. It provides common threads to use to weave unique expressions of the vision and mission of the Community of Christ throughout the world.

Please reflect on this material prayerfully, take time to incorporate or “enflesh” it in your life as a disciple and leader more and more. Then, using your giftedness and experience, create ways to help seekers, disciples, and congregations find meaning and hope through the vision, mission, message, and beliefs presented in the document.

This document is not a new program to roll out with great fanfare! It is salt and leaven to use to enrich our mission and witness as we continue our faith journey into the future. As you integrate this material into your ministry, please send us your ideas, resources, models, classes, presentations, songs, and stories so we can mutually benefit from your creativity.

Remember, we are the strategy!

We deeply appreciate all that you do to share the peace of Jesus Christ through the ministries of Community of Christ.


We Share: Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs