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Submit a Daily Prayer for Peace Prayer

Approximately 1½–3 minutes long, the prayer expresses the yearning of the gathered community for wholeness in relationships between humanity, creation, and the Creator. 
  • The prayer may be written in prose, or it may be poetry. 
  • It should not include a specific country but be universal. 
  • It should use inclusive language. 
  • Be aware that while we are a Christian denomination sponsoring this prayer, the desire for peace is universal. 
  • Prayers are attributed to their authors.  Prayers submitted become the property of Community of Christ. 
  • Email prayers to Daily Prayer for Peace. 


Here are two sample Daily Prayer for Peace prayers.

Sample Prayer 1

O Lord, let us sense peace in the beauty of our worship.
Let us speak peace in our interpersonal relationships.
Let us hear peace in the midst of confusion.
Let us feel peace when we are touched by your Holy Spirit.

Let us hope for peace in the seas of hopelessness.
Let us sue for peace in the humane treatment of our little ones.
Let us respect peace in the wise lives of our elders.
Let us affirm peace as we accept the struggles of our youth.

Let us honor peace by being ethical persons in all walks of life.
Lord, let us follow peace to whatever person, situation or cross it leads us.
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we pray. Amen.

Sample Prayer 2

Dear God, 

We confess to times of insensitivity, ignorance, judgment, indifference, hatred, and greed. Help us tear down the walls that separate us from each other. Lord, let us see you in the faces of our brothers and sisters. Let us hear the cries of the frightened. 

Living on every continent are those who are oppressed, hungry, and heavy laden. As we merge in your love, help us unfold the red bud of passion as we become a people of compassion. Let us keep the Lamp of Life burning. Free us from our own limitations that we might free others. Renew in us your Spirit, that we might be faithful to each other in your love.  

Together we can build your community in our hearts, with our minds, words, and deeds. May our hands join, our minds unite, and our hearts beat as one. 

This is our prayer of peace. We lay it at your feet that it may be acceptable and we all might be healed in your love. 

In Jesus' name, Amen. 

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