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Pastor, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Posted 31 January 2022

Open until filled


Council Bluffs Central Congregation

Experience Required/Desired

  1. Have a clear testimony of Jesus Christ
  2. Be a member of the Community of Christ Melchisedec Priesthood
  3. Be a registered youth worker with the Community of Christ, upon hire
  4. Possess the desire and skills to enthusiastically support/encourage congregation/community activities
  5. Have a thorough knowledge of Community of Christ beliefs, history, scriptures, and theology
  6. Be a strong oral and written communicator; be effective from the pulpit in public ministerial endeavors
  7. Be an active listener
  8. Have a neat appearance
  9. Be a good role-model in all aspects of life, leading an ethical, Christian lifestyle
  10. Be a member of the Council Bluffs Congregation, upon hire
  11. Preferably reside in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Preferred Skills

  1. Have a four year degree (or equivalent experience) in the areas of:
    1. Community Relations
    2. Volunteerism
    3. Financial Budgeting and Management
    4. Fund Raising
    5. Church Expansion, Evangelism, and Outreach
    6. Counseling and Referral Procedures
    7. Hospital and Bereavement Ministry
    8. Home Visiting
    9. Reconciliation and Peacemaking
    10. Team Building and Visioning
  2. Computer Skills
  3. Teaching Skills
  4. A self-starter requiring minimal supervision

Additional Notes

  1. The Pastor is expected to pursue continuing education relevant to this position.
  2. The Pastor’s performance will be reviewed semi-annually by the Congregational Board.

Immediate Supervisor

Congregational Board. The Board provides a semi-annual evaluation of the Pastor’s performance, based on this job description and jointly agreed upon annual goals.

Employment Status

Full Time (40 hours per week plus (as needed)

Summary of Position

Develop and implement a congregational ministry plan based on the Community of Christ Mission Initiatives:

Invite People to Christ

Abolish Poverty, End Suffering

Pursue Peace on Earth

Develop Disciples to Serve

Experience Congregations in Mission

The Pastor directs the activities of the congregation’s priesthood, officers, membership, and friends toward
accomplishing our mission in harmony with Community of Christ mission initiatives. The Pastor coordinates
congregational activities with those of the Prairie Bluffs Mission Center.

Essential Functions

  1. Pastoral Care/Shepherding
    1. Develop, implement, train and personally lead an ongoing priesthood visiting program for:
      1. Home
      2. Hospital
      3. Nursing institutions
      4. Written contact with college students, shut-ins, newly inactive
    2. Be visible at congregational activities expressing hospitality by:
      1. Warm and personal welcome for visitors and children at worship services
      2. Actively greet the people who attend church school and worship service
      3. Occasionally visit children/youth/adult church school classes
      4. Participate regularly in the worship services
      5. Attend as many other congregational activities as possible
    3. Create an ongoing educational program for adults who want to deepen their discipleship.
    4. Recruit and support leaders for special interest groups such as: Youth (In collaboration with the
      future Youth Pastor), children (In collaboration with the future Youth Pastor), young adults (In
      collaboration with the future Youth Pastor), middle aged, senior adults, women, men, and
    5. Support priesthood ministry by:
      1. Collaboration with each priesthood member on their individual plan of ministry
      2. Priesthood worship and training gatherings
      3. Discernment of new priesthood calls
  2. Communication
    1. Keep the congregational membership/friends informed of upcoming church activities, program
      and prayer needs, financial and facility issues using multiple communication channels
    2. Conduct business meetings by:
      1. Establishing need
      2. Advertising at least two weeks in advance
      3. Encouraging participation by all members
    3. Be a personal example of an effective communicator, through active listening skills, conflict
      resolution skills, etc.
  3. Management
    1. Play an active role in hiring Youth Pastor
    2. Refer to the Facility Manager for all facility administrative responsibilities
    3. Support congregational programs and leaders to ensure their success
    4. Assess current programs and develop/initiate new programs based upon the needs and interests
      of the congregation
    5. Oversee responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant
    6. Build a Pastor’s Leadership Team that includes :
      1. Youth Pastor
      2. Facility Manager
      3. Congregational Finance Officer
      4. Others as needed such as: Counselors, Building Committee Chair, Christian Education, etc.
  4. Missionary/Community Outreach
    1. Without divergence from the mission of the Community of Christ, form community partnerships
      with organizations and other local churches that will enhance the ministry of CBC.
    2. Ensure that friends of the church feel welcomed at all church activities. Not only by welcoming
      them personally and introducing them to others but by assisting the congregation to create
      better systems for welcoming visitors.
  5. Worship Life
    1. Preach on a regular basis on Sunday mornings
    2. Lead the congregation in creating vibrant worship services utilizing multiple elements including
      audio/visual technology
    3. Create an ongoing training program to improve the public ministry skills of worship leaders and

Supervisory Responsibility


Required Trainings

Registered Youth Worker/Anti-harassment Training: New employees are required to be a registered youth worker with Community of Christ or be able to register within 30 days of hire date. Anti-harassment training is also required within 30 days of hire and then required annually.

Ministerial Status


Overtime Status


Application Instructions

Email letter of interest and resume to Colleen Brabec.

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